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We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Our office is warm and inviting. You will always be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. You will play an active role in your treatment and your voice heard when you have questions or concerns.

This place is the best I love them all always on time I feel great when I’m walking out with whatever I have done. Always comfortable never in pain

I visited E&M Dental for the first time last week, and it went pretty well. The doctor and the dental hygienist were friendly and comfortable to talk to. They explained everything in depth and the steps to what to do next regarding my procedure. Overall it was a good experience.

My family and I have been with EM Dental for many years. I highly recommended this clinic. Great facilities, equipments. The doctors and the staffs are very nice and friendly. The owner, I think her name is Dr. Ewa, she is very nice and very professional, always give me and my families a great care and recommendation. They are absolutely the best!

Beyond Excellent !! Dr. Ewa and all the staff are very friendly and professional .. Totally recommend 👌 from a very happy patient 😀 .. More than excellent !! Dr. Ewa and all the staff are very kind and professional ... Totally recommended 👌 from a satisfied patient😀

Terrific staff, clean and calming environment, and wonderful dentists. Their COVID procedures and protections are top-notch. I have had nothing but great experiences with E & M Dental and highly recommend them. So happy I found them!

Amazing office! Dr. is so nice and accommodating especially if you are a nervous patient when it comes to procedures. I had to get a few cavities filled and I came in extremely nervous for the numbing process with the needle and the doctor and tech were extremely nice, walked me through the whole procedure step-by-step, kept asking me if I was OK. I ended up not feeling a thing the doctor is so gentle and knows what she’s doing highly highly highly recommend this dentist to anyone and everyone!

Staff were really great with scheduling and the cleaning. They were so kind and made sure to educate me about relevant things for my teeth. Highly recommend.

If there was ever a “pleasant” trip to the dentist, this would be it. Always clean, professional, painless and prompt. Signed, Mr. Dentophobia.

I have to say that after 22 years in the USA I have finally found a professional dentist that I can trust and feel comfortable:) thank you

Em dental is simply the best!!! I’m their patient for 3 years, always happy to come back, even if I don’t really like dentist visits... Dr. Magda is very professional, she always helps me. I don’t ever feel uncomfortable there, this is amazing because I do have a bad history with the previous dentists from a different place I won't mention. They are very welcoming, trying to work around your schedule. I highly recommend Em dental and doctor Magdalena Zorawska .👌👍

I was pleasantly surprised with the services provided at E&M dental. I brought my kids there for their dental cleaning. Everyone was very friendly and extremely professional. Dr. Evva was great with explaining everything that I or my kids had a question for. Would definitely recommend this place!!

The quick and painless only painful part was the anesthesia but very sweet my surgeon was gentle and was aware when I wanted to take a break. 10 out of 10 really recommend it!!

EM Dental is awesome! The Doctors and staff are professional, friendly and their work is amazing!

Excellent dental care. The cleaning was very thorough and I will surely return to this dental practice!

My children and I have been E&M patients since 2015. This office is filled with knowledgeable, professional, efficient, friendly and sometimes comedic doctors and staff. I'm in my fifties, and my children and i had never been comfortable in a dentist's office...until visiting E&M Dental. To us, E&M staff is like family. Since 2015, every 6 months, my children remind me to make their appointment with E&M Dental. I highly recommend E&M Dental in Clifton NJ to anyone that is looking for a great Dental team.

Friendly, professional, and the place is well-maintained. I scheduled an appointment every six months and started visiting them 18 months ago. I like how the hygienist takes her time with the dental cleaning and how the dentist informs me about my teeth and gives me time to ask questions- Very lovely people.

Very clean and very professional. I always have a very pleasant experience when I visit.

Very clean and pleasant atmosphere. The staff is friendly and professional as are the doctors.

Very efficient, friendly staff, Dr. Ewa took the time to see me on an emergency visit. Thank you so much!

The office is very cleaning- the staff is very welcoming. I was in today with Ally she was absolutely great- very easy to talk to and explained everything to me. She also advised of what she was going to do before she did it. Definitely recommend!

Great environment, clean, sanitary, and overall great experience!

How personable can you be and fully explain diagnosis and remedy and still not be rushed? See Dr. Graves he will show you. first-class treatment.

They are very thorough with dental work. Staff is extremely nice.

I had a deep cleaning and it was PERFECT. thank you, Marsell.

Seriously best place I ever been too. Every single person in that place is so nice and professional. I hate the dentist but not this place. Highly recommend it!